We design interactive experiences that shape social behaviors and our perceptions of space.


Our award winning work and collaborations in interaction design and media architecture installations explores new experiences of space.

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Urban Speaker Installation

Portable installation allows people to broadcast phone calls in public.

Plant-in City Installation

Modular interactive architecture exploring new relationships with plants and technology.

Urballoon Installation

A balloon that projects real-time social media onto public spaces.

Freshkills Park+ Mobile

Augmented reality wayfinding for New York City's biggest new park and former landfill.


Since the spring of 2015 I started teahcing at Parsons a graduate seminar on Urban Interaction Design.

On May 2015 the Urban Speaker was shown on the Bowery as part of the New Museum's IDEAS CTIY street festival.

In the summer of 2013 I was one of the atelier leaders invited to moderate a 10 day summer school workshop on Urban Interaction Design in Split, Croatia.

The Urban Speaker and Urballoon are featured in A Touch of Code, published by Gestalten in 2011